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Lifting Equipment

We can provide basket type lifting car for of any kind of work, cranes, lifting ladders for household goods and furniture up to the 8th floor. For furniture and relocations, type bocker, 30m self-propelled with lifting capability of 400 kilos.

Technical Support

We undertake the disassembly of furniture, of electric appliances, air-conditions and special structures, re-assembly of these by technicians of our company.


All the lorries/trucks, cars and lifting equipment are insured providing security of transport of merchandises, covering the real value of goods and also there is possibility for extra insurance based on list of things that you deliver to us.

Storage Services

Our warehouse are specially configured to store household goods and merchandise and meet all safety requirements. The premises are secured and guarded 24 hours a day to ensure the protection of household goods and cargo. Our customers can always visit


Packing of furniture and special manufactures, dangerous and sensitive objects, glassware, replica models, files, medical instruments, with the more suitable packing materials that are required for each circumstance. Our staff has the appropriate knowledge and is able to recognize and

Company Relocation

Insurance of equipment throughout the transport and storage Packing items and files with appropriate packaging materials Disconnect – Reconnect and packaging of electrical appliances and furniture Transfer of mechanical equipment Unpacking and arrangement in areas that will be indicated Withdrawal

Moving Services

Company relocation Packing Storage Services Lifting Equipment Technical Support Insurance

Lifts & Forklift equipments

Lifting equipment for furniture and household appliances  Services for loading and unloading goods

Urban Transport and Distribution of goods

Truck-axle type with detachable tail and body, open or closed type (curtain, flatbed, closed box) Dimensions: 7.20m x 2.60m x 2.50m, 46m3, 26Τ gross weight Dimensions: 6.20m x 2.70m x 2.50m, 40m3, 19Τ gross weight Dimensions: 5.20μ x 2.50m x 2.35m,  30m3 ,  8Τ gross weight


Truck with hydraulic tail door type VEXEL-VDF Road tractor with semi-trailer curtain type with possibility of side loading and road tractor with flatbed semi-trailer

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June 2013